The Eagle

2018-2019 Staff

Kate Carroll


Hello! I’m Kate Carroll, this year’s Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle. In addition to working on the newspaper, I also run cross country, serve as the president of International Thespian Society, am a D.R.E.A.M. Team member, am...

Isabel Cosby

Managing Editor

My name is Isabel and I am an IB Diploma Programme Senior. I am on the Inner Peaks competitive climbing team and I attended the Youth National Championship for Sport and Speed this summer. I am also the co-president of East Meck’s...

Ashleigh Fields

Online Editor-In-Chief

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Fields. I'm a senior in the IB Diploma Programme at East Meck and I love to run track. I also enjoy serving as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Teen President of Jack and Jill of America Inc., publicity chair on student...

Elise Palmer

Features Editor

Hallo! My name is Elise, I’m 17 years old, and I’m an IB senyuhhhh. I love sushi and boneless wings. Also, squid.

Stephanie Suster

Opinion Editor

Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I am an IB senior at East Mecklenburg High School. I love to write, read, and spend time with my family and friends. I am the Lead Organizer of TEDxEastMecklenburgHighSchool and East Meck’s representative...

Bonnie Zhang

Layout Editor

Greetings, reader. Welcome to my bio. I am an IB senior involved with too much with too little time. My pride and joy is my opinion written, so check it out!

Cole Johnson

Entertainment Editor

Hey there! I’m Cole, pronounced just like the rock. I am the entertainment editor for the newspaper. I thoroughly enjoy writing and I’m always trying to improve. I really enjoy working out and participating in Taekwondo. I...

Jack Meltsner

Sports Editor

Shalom! I’m Jack Meltsner, I am a junior who loves all types of sports. I play for the East Meck baseball team. I also enjoy watching movies, writing, and lifting weights. In my free time I'm cashing checks and snapping necks.

Isaac Naylor

Senior Staff Writer/Cartoonist

Heyo! What’s poppin’? I’m Isaac. I’m a IB senior and staff writer on The Eagle here at East. I’m also that one fellah who draws comics for the paper and posters around school. I’m either drawing, writing, crying, or...

Miracle Harrison

Business Manager

Hello! My name is Miracle Harrison I am 16 years old and a Junior at East Meck. I am the VP of Community and Service in FCCLA. This is my first year being apart of the Eagle Newspaper as the Business Manager.

Eli Hausman


Ay yo wassup! I’m Eli, I’m an IB Senior, a photographer for the East Meck Newspaper, and a licensed general falconer. Yeah, I hunt with hawks and falcons, you’ve prolly never heard of it, though. Anyway, I hope that whatever...

Trekahry Gadson

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Trekahry Gadson, I’m a Senior at East Meck. I’m a staff writer for The Eagle.

Lindsey Flores

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Lindsey Flores, I am a senior at East Meck and currently the VP of Finances of the FCCLA club. I stress out quite a bit but that is only because motivated to be the best version of myself. On my freetime I am either...

Jacob Phillips

Staff Writer

Howdy there friends, My name is Jacob Phillips, I am a junior in IB. I love to watch all sports and eat food. You won’t ever catch me lacking.

Hart Walker

Staff Writer

Hail fellow well met! My name is Hart Walker I am a 16 yr old Junior here at East Meck. I am a staff for the East Meck Eagle. I play on the East Meck tennis team and enjoy reading, being outside, and D&D. I am passionate about...

Anaya Truss-Williams

Online Managing Editor

¡Hola! I’m Anaya Truss-Williams. I am a senior and one of the managing editors for The Eagle Online. At East, I am the secretary of Senior Board and President of the NAACP club. I am passionate about politics, culture and fala...

Lucy Smithwick

Online Managing Editor

Hey how’s life? I go by the name of Lucy and I’m one of the managing editors for The Eagle Online as well as an IB DP junior. I call everyone bro or broski, I’m a huge nerd, and I’m a shark enthusiast. I also want to learn...