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2022-2023 Staff


Michael Messele

Michael Messele is a Senior who enjoys running in the morning, filming and capturing photos at sporting events. He also loves to watch movies and binge watch TV shows in his free time. He has been on the newspaper staff for two...

Internet Editor-In-Chief

Hayley Ochoa

Hayley Ochoa is a senior at East Meck. She was born in Miami, Florida, and moved to North Carolina at the age of 3. Being an only child she has a lot of time on her hands. Hobbies like theater, art, and writing take up a larg...

Opinion Editor

Reagan Bell

Reagan Bell is an astute student at East Meck.  She's always done well at most things she has tried expect for riding a bike, which she cannot do.  Her favorite food is sushi and she always buys it at Mr. Tokyo's in Matthe...

Layout Editor

Ellison Norton

Ellison Norton is a junior this year at East Meck.  Ellison is also a student athlete. She has played volleyball the past four years. When Ellison isn't at school, you can catch her hanging out with friends every chance she gets....

Staff Writer

Maximilian Poku-Kankam

Max is a Staff Writer for the Eagle newspaper. He is a senior at East Meck and plans to attend college after graduating. Max wants to major in journalism and minor in film, and become a film critic, investigative journalist, or a ...

Staff Writer

Sophie Sanford

Sophie is a junior who is a staff writer on the Eagle. Her favorite things are sushi, trashy reality TV shows and her labradoodle named Jingle, short for Jingle Bells. She is also a foil fencer on the side for fun. ...

Staff Writer

Anthony Frederick

Anthony Frederick is a sophomore at East who enjoys collecting and wearing hats, specifically fedoras. As of now his collection has surpassed 17 hats of varying colors and shapes. As a staff writer he likes looking into how East ...

Staff Writer

Victor Olivan Riquelme

Victor is a writer and cartoonist for the newspaper. His biggest treasure are his two dogs Rocky and Venus. He also likes legos and going to the gym.

Staff Writer

Logan Parsons

Logan Parsons is a junior who enjoys all sports and plays soccer for East Meck. He loves the Carolina Panthers and watching the NFL in general. He also plays chess and just recently won 2nd in the state in 2021. His favorite thi...

Staff Writer

William Bruke

William Burke is sophomore who loves writing fictional stories. Currently, he is trying to write a piece of media to get sold.

Staff Writer

Cleo Strauss

Cleo Strauss is a sophomore who is a staff writer on the Eagle. She likes doing features and human interest pieces. She likes reading and is on the Battle of the Books team. She is super funny also lol.

Staff Writer

Dakota Currier

Dakota Currier is a staff writer on the Eagle. She is a senior and really wants to go to UNC Chapel Hill when she graduates. She has a dog named Piper that is a cheagle mix who she nicknamed “Chunky Monkey” because of her roundn...

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