The Eagle

2017-2018 Staff

Ashleigh Fields

News Correspondent

Robert Dodrill

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Robert. I am a sophomore. I love to play sports and I am on the golf team here at East.  My favorite sport to play is ice hockey. I love to eat pizza and my favorite icecream flavor is vanilla. I also love to play vi...

Juliet Burton

Graphic Artist

Jennifer Gamboa Alfaro

Staff Writer

Hello! I’m Jennifer and I’m a senior who dropped most of her IB classes. My hobbies are fairly limited. I enjoy reading in my spare time and I’m attempting to learn piano. I am a DREAMer and I hope to grow as a person and ...

Katey Le

Staff Writer

Hi I’m Katey and I’m an IB senior who loves fashion, cityscapes, and traveling. I enjoy being cozy, doing spontaneous things, eating sushi and watching basketball. My favorite animals are elephants and dogs. I hope to attend Chap...

Jack Meltsner

Staff Writer

Shalom! I’m Jack Meltsner, I am a sophomore who loves all types of sports. I play for the East Meck baseball team. I also enjoy cooking, writing, and lifting weights. In my free time I'm cashing checks and snapping necks. I al...

Isaac Naylor

Staff Writer

Hiya! I’m Isaac, a junior in the IB Diploma Program and amateur artist, political cartoonist, and filmmaker. I enjoy film and 1930s Disney animations. Netflix is my life. I am generally tired inside of school and lively out...

Lucy Smithwick

Staff Writer

Bonnie Zhang

Staff Writer

Greetings, reader. Welcome to my bio. Many of the newspaper staff members refer to me as Bonald, and you may as well, but my name is Bonnie. I enjoy political cartoons, ASMR and self help books. Fun fact: I’m late on almost ...

Anaya Truss-Williams

Staff Writer

¡Hola! I'm Anaya, I am a junior in the IB Diploma program. I love musicals and watching dramatic tv shows. I also love learning about new cultures. I love horses and I enjoy spending time with them. I love to annoy my friend...

Cole Johnson

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Cole. I really enjoy just relaxing, learning about history and just helping people to smile. I teach Tae Kwon Do and hope to own my own studio someday.

Lucia Wallace


Andy Fialko

Entertainment Editor

I write columns and other stuff. I support Newcastle United, the Nuggets, and the Redsox. I like a lot of movies and I hate a lot of movies. Someday I hope to write a lot of movies. Read my stories. Thanks....

Elise Palmer

Sports and Photography Editor

Hi, I’m Elise and I am an IB junior. I enjoy playing the piano, eating Korean food, sleeping, and watching football. In my free time I create slime and watch The Walking Dead. This is my second year with The Eagle and I hope ...

Isabel Cosby

Layout Editor

My name is Isabel and I am an IB Junior. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing at Inner Peaks Climbing Center. I am on the Inner Peaks competitive climbing team and have competed in regional and divisional championships across...

Miracle Okoro

Features Editor

My name is Miracle Okoro, I am a native of Kano, Nigeria I love the color red, reading poetry, working with young children and climbing trees.  

Kate Carroll

Online Editor-In Chief

Hi! I’m Kate and I am a junior in the IB Diploma Program. I love writing, running, acting, singing, dancing, and cooking (lots of hobbies, I know). Some of my favorite foods include kale and ice cream. This is my second year o...

Cecilia Whalen


Hey! I’m Cecilia. This is my third year on staff. I love to write, to read, to dance and to play drum set. Next year, I will be attending UNCC as a double major in dance and English.

Layna Hong

Managing Editor

Hi, I'm Layna and I'm an IB senior. I like trying new foods, makeup, hanging out with friends and doing volunteer work. I want to attend either UNC-Chapel Hill or George Washington University for journalism.