Eagles march for change

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Staff Writer

Passion. Outrage. Anger. Shock.These are just a few words that encompass the feelings many have toward the Trump presidency. While some chose to share their views in the comfort of their home others chose to make their voices and opinions heard.

On January 21 women, men and children from all over came together to hold Women’s marches around the world. The purpose of the marches was to raise awareness on women’s rights and equality.

The march on Washington was said to have included over 400,000 protestors and was historically the largest march on Washington in history.

While the march on Washington was packed, there were other local marches that were able to make a mark on their cities, like the one held here in Charlotte, North Carolina. The march began at about 10 a.m. in First Ward Park and later ended in Romare Bearden Park.

The turnout for the march in Charlotte was also record breaking. Although marches typically aren’t tracked, CMPD officers say at least 10,000 people were there.

With such a large crowd, it’s no surprise that many East Meck Eagles were in attendance.

“I marched so that my little sister doesn’t have to grow up feeling like she’s less than a man,” said sophomore Nora Mehltretter.

“It was really nice to be around people who support the same things that I do. I really felt empowered. Something about that environment made me feel like I can do anything,” Said junior Caroline Lueck.

Many have high hopes that people will continue to push for their voice to be heard.

“Our future depends on it,” Mehltretter said.

Photo by Elise Palmer.