Why we need daily video announcements

Story by From the staff, Editorial

A teacher struggles to quiet their class as the Pledge of Allegiance begins over the loudspeaker. Students try to listen for scheduling changes for their clubs. Athletes can barely hear the announcement of their winning game from the night before.

This is a typical morning in an East Meck classroom. We believe that holding video announcements each morning would allow information to be heard and students to be more interested in news around the school.

Video announcements are more interesting than audio announcements, prompting more students to pay attention because they can see the person giving them the information that they need. A visual representation can also aid students in remembering important to-dos.

Having video announcements will allow multimedia like images and videos to be shown. This opens up a range of creativity for those to make announcements more interesting and memorable.

Although it may seem unachievable to some, East is capable of broadcasting announcements daily. Many schools around CMS, like Myers Park, display their morning announcements on video. Even middle schools, like Piedmont IB, pull off daily video announcements. Right now, we only have announcements on in homeroom on Wednesdays because of a concern with the amount of effort needed to pull them off daily, but with assistance from committed students and teachers, video announcements could easily become a reality. Many students at East love to be in front of the camera and would enjoy being on the announcements. East is also home to many tech-savvy students that could help with behind the scenes work.

Daily video announcements are a more informative version of news and help students and teachers receive important information. We encourage steps to be made towards this improvement in our school.