Day of silence brings awareness to LGBT+ students


Photo by Elise Palmer.

Story by Cole Johnson, Staff Writer

Silence rang through the halls Friday Apr 21 as students dressed in black and wore tape over their mouths or on their shirts for GLSEN Day of Silence.


Day of Silence is a national movement to raise awareness of bullying of LGBT+ students. Students wore tape on their mouths or on their shirts to encourage others to pay attention to the prejudice and ostracism faced by LGBT+ students.

East Meck students said that being and believing in this movement can make a change.


“DoS [Day of Silence] helps bring awareness to the silencers of LGBT+ individuals and the oppression that they face on a daily basis, even indirectly,” said freshman Ash Warren, “by refusing to talk, you encourage people to ask for information about bullying faced by the LGBT+.”


Students of all sexualities and genders participated to show their support of the LGBT+ community.


  “This [Day of Silence] helps because it shows them [LGBT+ students] that they aren’t alone,” said sophomore Na’Il Jordan. “We stand together and don’t have to be afraid.”


The students involved said that Day of Silence makes a difference because it helps people become more aware of the challenges faced by LGBT+ students.


“Other students should know that LGBT kids aren’t much different from them,” said sophomore Violet Kelly.
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