2018 TEDx event held under new leadership

Story by Jennifer Gamboa, Staff Writer

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For its third annual TEDx event, East Meck hopes to increase to expand the variety of student speaking out on issues important to them.

This year’s lead organizer is junior Stephanie Suster. She explained that this year, the organizers are divided into different committees for different tasks.

“There are committees for marketing, sponsorships, production, and curation,” Suster said.

As for the actual event, organizers hope to make the day more interactive and enjoyable for the audience.

“We are aiming to have more audience interactions and participation,”  said teacher Kathryn Kinser.

Most importantly, this year TEDx organizers want to have student speakers beyond IB and AP students, as well as a more diverse audience.

“We want to reach out to a more diverse cast and push for diversity in the audience,” Suster said.

“There are ideas in students beyond IB and AP,” Kinser said.

This year’s theme is What If. Organizer Dahlia Danet, encourages students to partake in this year’s event and get creative with the theme.

“It allows for exploration of opportunities of the future as well as reflections of the past for a progressive future,” Danet said.

TEDx will take place Mar. 23, 2018. Applications are available Nov. 27 and are due Dec. 8.