“Shrek the Musical” soon to open at East

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Story by Isaac Naylor, Staff Writer

Last year, we marched alongside with Dorothy to Emerald City in The Wiz, but this year, we are taking a trip down to the swamps of Far Far Away in this year’s musical: Shrek the Musical.

Shrek will run from Feb. 8-10 and tickets are available either in the cafeteria or online.

The basic storyline for the musical is almost identical to the Dreamworks film, the only exception being that it was adapted as a musical.

Theatre teacher Bernadette MacLeod is directing and chorus teacher Kathryn Heinen is the music director. The set design is done by art teacher David Veto and he is constructing elaborate sets. In addition, MacLeod is trying something new by using projections as the backdrops for a few scenes.

“Mr. Veto is doing the sets,” MacLeod said. “He is brilliant at it.”

As the theatre program here at East continues to grow, the aesthetics aspects of this year’s musical have been updated. Compared to the previous one, there is a substantial improvement.

“The production value has gone up since the last [musical],” MacLeod said.

For the actors themselves, they are more experienced than the ones that eased on down the yellow brick road in the Wiz.

“[The musicals performed at East] all have something to offer,” MacLeod said. “But these actors are a bit more seasoned, a bit more experienced.”

The three lead characters are Shrek, played by Andy Fialko, Fiona, played by Julianna Kantor, and Donkey, played by Kate Carroll.

Overall, the show has an engaging and relatable message of authenticity and genuine individuality.

“I like the message,” MacLeod said. “It’s about writing your own story, being your own person even if that is not the person other people want you to be.”