‘City Lights’ prom shines in uptown Charlotte

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Edior In Chief

Bright iridescent lights cascaded down students pirouetting to roaring modern tunes. The floor was covered in gaudy gowns with extravagant patterns and glitter from the faces of elegant young women. The East Meck 2018 Prom was in session.


“As soon as I arrived, I was in awe of the classy hotel and the location made my experience ten times better,” said Akaylah Heath, a junior.


As dawn turned to dusk, the LED lights lit up the entire dance floor with colors ranging from red to green and dark blue. With a theme of city lights students were more than elated to grace the Marriott Center City with their groovy dance skills.


“I’m a bit shy, so I didn’t think I would dance much. But I did and I enjoyed it,” said junior Dominique Williams.


The dance floor was piled high with students from every grade.


“Although it was extremely hot, I enjoyed myself. It was one of the best proms by far,” said Aiyanna Willoughby, a senior.


However, the DJ came prepared to ease the heat. One of his assistants sprayed the audience with a wave of nitrogen.


“At first I didn’t know what I was being sprayed with, but as soon as I felt the cool air, I thought it was pretty cool,” said junior Nu-kuwan Fair.


Later on in the evening seniors Shiron DeVore and Jenny Nguyen were crowned prom king and queen.


“I ran for prom court as something fun to do to celebrate a great high school experience and step out of my comfort zone. I honestly wasn’t expecting to win,” said Nguyen.


Nguyen and DeVore enjoyed a short dance together before the dance floor was stormed again.


Bruno Mars and Drake seemed to be the favorite artists of the night. Post Malone’s new song, “Rockstar” was also a crowd pleaser.


“When Rockstar came on, everyone started jumping and out of nowhere came Spider-Man. It was a pleasant surprise,” said junior Aleaha King.


The dance floor was filled with laughter when senior Moises Castillo started crowd surfing in a Spider-Man costume.


After all the memorable surprises students were able to climb into the photo booth so that they could have a keepsake from prom.


“I think this was a great opportunity to capture memories with friends that I was unable to meet up with before prom,” said senior Liam Alexander.


Overall, junior board did not disappoint.


“We did a lot of work to try to make sure the people at prom had an amazing time! I think they did, I can’t wait to see what next years junior board has in store for us,” said junior Sophia Krause-Huckleberry.


The planning and strenuous hours that went into securing the venue and decorations were appreciated school wide.


“It was honestly more fun than I thought it would be! Probably the best time I’ve had this whole school year,” said junior Samuel Lake.