New Snapchat feature lets users register to vote

Story by Trekahry Gadson, Staff Writer

Snapchat is a social media app that allows people to post pictures and clips of their life. The social media app has recently released a new feature. Users that are over the age of 18 are now able to register to vote through the app. Snapchat is trying to get it’s younger audience interested in the upcoming political races by allowing them to register to vote and share their opinions.

This new feature makes them the first social media platform to be able to allow users to directly register through the app. Once users click “Register to vote,” they are taken to a new page at which then allows them to complete their form.

East Meck senior Brennan Stone believes that being able to register to vote through a social media app is not a good idea.

“It will further polarize the divide between Democrats and Republicans,” Stone said.

Stone also thinks there are better ways to increase voter participation like developing a government app that enables voter registration.