Forshee forsees long time success with new program


Photo by Eli Hausman

Forshee speaks to senior Da’Quan Cooper at East’s football game versus Porter Ridge High School. Forshee is in his first year of coaching for the varsity football team.

Story by Jacob Phillips, Staff Writer

After the recent departure of former head football coach Barry Shuford, East Meck was in search of a fresh face to fill the void. Following an extensive search, the school chose to hire Robert Forshee.

Forshee has returned to East four years after leaving the school as an Assistant Coach to take a head coaching job at Union Academy. He has worked as an assistant coach at a number of high schools in the Charlotte area, including Rocky River, Vance, West Charlotte and Harding. He also played college football at Cortland College in New York. Forshee is taking on a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2008. His aim is to turn East football into a strong and fierce team.

Getting the team in shape physically and mentally will be challenging, but thanks to the great chemistry of the coaching staff, the process is a little easier. Forshee has coached alongside all but two of the current coaches on East’s staff. Assistant Coach Eric Oates and Forshee have a great relationship on and off the field.

“Coach Forshee is very knowledgeable and is a very hard worker,” Oates said.

This season, the team is still assimilating to their new head coach. They are going to take the time and effort to get up to the level they desire to be for next year.

“Next off-season, we will be focusing on player development and weight training so we can be fit for next year,” Forshee said.

Forshee has great intentions for his players. He feels that being a coach is more than teaching the boys football, it’s also about making sure they are prepared to have a successful life.

“I try to get these guys not to be just great football players but great husbands and fathers too,” Forshee said. “It’s bigger than football.”

Forshee constantly stresses the importance of maintaining a good academic standing, making sure that each player understands that they are high school students first and football players second. Preparing his players for overall success is his top priority.

Senior Tyler Jackson said Forshee knows how to get the extra bit out of him and his teammates, both in football and in school.

“He’s always pushing us helping making sure we are set right,” Jackson said

Forshee said he feels at home here and that he is in it for the long haul. He hopes to turn East’s football program into a serious contender for the state title.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon,” Forshee said.