Students score with ultimate frisbee club


Photo by Eli Hausman

(Left to right) Seniors Damian Delgado and Neel Gajjar practice ultimate frisbee.

Story by Cole Johnson, Entertainment Editor

With a flick of the wrist, senior Miles Phillippi sends a Frisbee disc through the air towards the end zone. The pass is caught as he gains a point and his teammates cheer. Phillippi, along with senior Damian Delgado, lead the 16 members of the East Meck Ultimate Frisbee Club as they play in tournaments around Charlotte.

“We are like official, unofficial club, since we are not a part of the ICC,” Delgado said.

The way ultimate frisbee works, as Phillippi explains, is a mix of football, soccer and basketball all put together. Each side has seven players.

“You have a throw off like a kick off in football and you score by catching the frisbee in an end zone like football, but it moves like soccer,” Phillippi said. “Where it’s constantly moving until someone scores, and change subs, and it’s like basketball where you can’t move [with the frisbee] and only get a pivot foot.”

The only issue that Phillippi and Delgado have run into so far has been trying to get students interested in joining the team.

“My personal project was actually starting the club, and then no one joined,” Phillippi said.“It’s kind of hard to have a team when only three people show up.”

Since the ultimate frisbee club is not a part of the ICC, they get together to practice at Mason Wallace Park on Fridays. They also occasionally compete in tournaments throughout Charlotte.

“We join five on five or three on three tournaments in Charlotte,” Delgado said. “I think East should combine with Weddington so we can actually play and have enough subs to play against Myers Park with seven on seven.”

In one tournament this year the frisbee club placed fourth out of six teams, losing two games by only one point.

Apart from East, Delgado and Philippi have looked into a way of participating with a more professional frisbee team, rather than just the team at East. They applied through an organization called Charlotte Ultimate.

“In June they decide on players that can make the team and go to nationals during the year,” Phillippi said.

“We came in seeded at 23rd and finished 15th out of 27 teams,” Delgado said. “[Besides tournaments] It was pretty cool to see the freshmen out there enjoying the game.”

Freshman Sam Schmedake is one of those players. He heard about the Frisbee team from Delgado and enjoys playing with the team.

“I played a little in middle school, and I just really like how everyone in [Frisbee] has a close bond with each other.” Schmedake said.

As East’s ultimate frisbee club grows, so do their winning aspirations. Hopefully when seniors Delgado and Phillippi graduate, the younger members can take control and lead the team.