The Edible Schoolyard Project shows promise at Garinger High and other schools

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

In an urban area filled with soot and pollution it is often times hard to find an area with healthy air and healthy food, even more so for public school students. However, The Edible Schoolyard Project is working to change this.

Since 2013 the Edible Schoolyard Project has been working to transform the environment at Garinger High. Garinger was among the first in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) to adopt this style of healthy living and learning.

The garden on campus is called The Urban League Farming Center and works to promote sustainable living and workforce development. The Farm works with community partners to continue making a positive impact on the surrounding community. Some of their partners include, Friendship Gardens, 100 Gardens and Charlotte’s Meals on Wheels. As of now, The Urban Farm is the largest produce generator for Charlotte’s Meals on Wheels. The program not only affects students outside of school but also in school.

The Urban Farm also acts as a laboratory for students. With aquaponics, hydroponics and numerous other industrial greenhouse sporting systems, students working at the farm are undoubtedly ahead of their counterparts. In addition to supporting academic growth, this garden also serves as an alternative to students with In School Suspensions (ISS). Many claim this helps students develop a sense of responsibility and accountability.

“It would be nice to see some plants and an alternative for students struggling with repeat suspensions, I hope we develop a program like this” said senior, Kai Schwanke.