2019 Jim Hayes interventional preview

Story by Kaitlyn Meehan, Staff Writer

Years of training will pay off for several East Meck students at the Jim Hayes Invitational. The athletic competition has been the longest-running of its kind. Named after East’s own former athletic coach, some of the school’s own champion wrestlers will go up against athletes ranging from schools all over the region.

Past winners, Olympic High face a chance of going up against students from East. With wrestling season just starting up, it will be some Eagle’s first time competing at such a competition. In the past, East has placed last in this invitational.

This will be the first year that Hayes will not be alive for the invitational. With home field advantage, the Eagles hope they stand a chance of taking home a credible award from the prestigious athletes wrestling Invitational. Come out to East Meck Saturday, December 7th to support the wrestler Eagles!