1917: Cinema at its finest

Story by CaRon Lofton, Staff Writer

1917 follows two British soldiers, Schofield and Blake who receive almost impossible orders to deliver a message. In a race against time, they must cross over enemy territory to deliver a message that could save up to 1,600 lives, one of them being Blake’s brother.

The movie is a hit out of the park in terms of everything a movie should have. The acting is very good during the entirety of the movie, George Mackay as Schofield turns in one of the best performances of the year and Dean-Charles Chapman is also very good in his role as Blake. The editing choice of making the film look like one continuous shot for the duration of the movie makes you feel as you are really traveling with the soldiers every step of the way. Everything from the costume design to set design for this time period is on point and is really accurate. Roger Deakins is the movies cinematographer and he puts in some of the best work put on screen in the past decade. The score made by composer Thomas Newman is also really great and adds extra pressure and weight to a scene.

Though there are many positives of the movie there is one negative the film has. Some of the side characters of the film seem a little static and don’t have much to do other than give a little exposition to our main protagonists. Other than that the movie is really is as flawless as any movie could be.

Overall the movie 1917 captures everything great about film and is a cinematic masterclass.