The Daily Mews Cat Cafe: purr-fect fur relaxation

Story by Lucy Smithwick, Staff Writer

If you think that cats are fun to have around, make your way to a place where you can pay for one hour jam-packed with cats and delicious local food: The Daily Mews Cat Cafe.

Right next to the Monroe Road Animal Hospital, this cafe is a seven minute drive from East Meck and the perfect place to visit and relax after school. I went with friends on a Friday afternoon, and it was the perfect way to end my school week.

When one hears the words “cat cafe,” they might be confused, but it’s really everything you’d expect: a little lounge where you can order coffee or tea, grab a pastry and play with a few cats.

The Daily Mews is one of the only cat cafes in town that has a boutique and shop along with a cat lounge. They are an organization partnered with the Monroe Road Animal Hospital and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control to find cats in danger of kill shelters or just in need of a new home. They bring the cats to the cafe to be loved and are always looking for people to adopt any of the cats at the cafe.

We went to the front counter and were greeted by a cheery employee, who sold us our hour with the pets. They escorted us into the room and we were greeted by about nine cats, all at once. There were cats in the windows, on the benches and even on a bridge suspended over the ground. The employees urge you to take pictures, and with plenty of cats, there are many photo opportunities with great lighting and adorable picture partners.

After being bombarded by cats of all ages, the “cat wrangler” introduced us to the cats we would be playing with that day. With names from Bug to KayKay, all of these animals were quirky, calm and loving. With only one feisty cat in the bunch, Duchess, the hour was free of bites and scratches.

After being surrounded by cats for thirty minutes, we were ready to order some food and see how it was. We got both of the special teas: Daily Mews Delight with catnip and honeysuckle and Sassyfrass Strawberry, a green tea with strawberry and beet flavoring from Piper & Leaf Artisan Teas. We topped our order off with a slice of chocolate cake and a caramel bar from local bakeries. Everything was delicious, and it all attracted the cats.

The hour was up suddenly and left us wanting more time, but we had to say goodbye to our new friends. Offering shop merchandise, different cat-care products, fashion accessories and more, it has plenty of things for you to buy for your own cat or yourself.

The amazing experience left me counting down the days until I could visit again. The Daily Mews will brighten any cat lover’s day.