Charlotte area movie theatre reviews

Staff writer Anthony Rodriguez reviewed four movie theatres in the Charlotte area and ranked them according to comfort, service, food, movie quality and ticket prices

Story by Anthony Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Cinemark Movie Bistro
9630 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270

Comfort: 9/10 – Could be cleaner, in terms of popcorn being found on the floor and bathrooms being cleaner, but the seats are very comfortable with plenty of room to move and see the film. Reserved seating is very convenient.
Service: 8/10 – Used to have nicer staff but the workers are still respectful.
Food: 9/10 – Popcorn tastes fresh and the other food selections are pretty good compared to other theaters.
Movie quality: 10/10 – No lags in frames and movies are typically the most popular and hottest released movies at the time. Audio is clear in the audience.
Ticket prices: 9/10 – For weekdays and early showings the prices are great. For 3D screenings and late night showings, the prices are a bit more expensive than some theaters but still competitive.

Phillips Place Movie Theatre
6911 Phillips Pl. Ct. Charlotte, NC 28210

Comfort: 8/10 – Should be cleaner, but the seats are comfortable and the inside has a bright tone to it.
Service: 6/10 – At times it is hard to get a hold of people to get service from. The staff is acceptable at best with a few exceptions.
Food: 6/10 – Popcorn is not great and the food is very expensive for the taste.
Movie quality: 9/10 – Similar quality to Cinemark Movie Bistro. No errors with film reel. Audio could have been a little bit better, but still solid quality.
Ticket prices: 6/10 – More expensive than some competing theaters while being less comfortable and more of a hassle. While the quality of the movie was good, the comfort and foods are subpar for the price.

The Regal Manor Twin
609 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207


Comfort: 7/10 – There are only two theaters inside and the seats are crammed. The screen is smaller than some other theaters and higher up so you must look up to view the movie. Very small theater that finds many quiet moments happening. This theater fits best for people that enjoy public outings with low amounts of commotion.
Service: 10/10 – While only having two total staff members on duty at the time, the staff was very friendly and more than willing to meet the needs of any customers.
Food: 6/10 – Not many choices of food and the food is expensive in comparison to other, more popular theaters.
Movie quality: 10/10 – Film reel played well with no stutters. Audio was very clear.
Ticket prices: 8/10 – Matinee showing was the price of an average movie ticket at other competing theaters. The cost was worth the experience for the friendly staff and quality movie.

Cinemark Movies 10
9508 Northeast Ct, Matthews, NC 28105

Comfort: 8/10 – Awkward seating depending on theater, but the seats are comfortable. There are also arcade games for people to hang out around before or after movies that add to the fun environment.
Service: 8/10 – The staff are friendly for the most part and do not bring about any attitude of not wanting to be there as some workers from competing places have.
Food: 7/10 – While there are not many food choices, the ones available are decent quality. The cost of the food is not terribly expensive in comparison to other places.
Movie quality: 7/10 – Movie film shows wear and theater has an old feeling to it. On multiple occasions the film reel displays its age by providing poor quality around the edges and stuttering on certain images in the film.
Ticket prices: 10/10 – For cheap movies, this is about as good as it gets. The tickets are the cheapest available.