Democratic convention needs some anger, more passion

Story by Kaitlyn Meehan, Managing Editor

If you ever wanted to see lukewarm sentiment about a candidate running for the highest office in the United States, the 2020 Democratic National Convention was the place to look. Over four days of the week of Aug. 17 big name Democrats spoke about the Presidential election which, at that point was only 97 days away. 

It was clearly lost on no one speaking how crucial the outcome of the election is. Every person pushing for Joe Biden, speaking on the importance of getting Donald Trump out of office. Personally, all the speakers delivered exactly how I expected them to. Very planned and eloquent speeches comprised to get their point across by angering the least amount of people possible. Which on its own was smart, because along with the wapping 46 percent of eligible voters not casting their votes in 2016, one of the primary groups the convention targeted was swing votes. Former Trump voters who are looking to abandon ship. These people will be moderates and hardly left leaning; they need to be calmly talked into voting for Biden by flashing familiar faces and talking about the clear let down of Donald Trump. 

Something I wish was done differently that wouldn’t have made the crowd any more divided was that they would get angrier. I wish that more people other than Senator Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama (both who’s speeches were my personal favorites) would have gotten mad. List all the reasons Trump has let America down countless times. Why is America trailing the world in COVID relief, Dr. Anthony Fauci? Tell everyone how much Trump let them down and let their loved ones die when he was supposed to be a natural born leader. Someone needed to yell at the camera or cry or express passion in some way other than scripted sentiment. Because the Republican National Convention is the following week and if Trump supporters are anything, it’s loud and angry. 

I don’t want to talk myself in a political circle, where I’ve gone so far left I end up at the right. I think that everyone who is able to vote should be voting for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. November 3, 2020. Even if you couldn’t care less about human rights, or global affairs, or really any of the other presidential responsibilities Trump was elected to uphold, you should have been able to see that he never cared about you when he went out of his way to derail the United States Postal Service just to get less votes from people who wouldn’t be able to go to the polls. As far as that goes I think that, while I would have done things differently and had more people of color, LGBTQ+ flox, and younger activists speak, the DNC got their idea across effectively. Even Bernie, a candidate with one of the most dedicated fan bases I’ve ever seen, told all of them that we need anyone but Trump in office come January.