NBA bubble working extremely well

Story by CaRon Lofton, Editor-in-Chief, Online

March 11.  The NBA officially suspended their season after Utah Jazz’s center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. Following this, the rest of the major sporting leagues not just in the United States but the rest of the world had suspended their leagues as well. Then what seemed like a glimmer of hope appeared as the NBA developed a plan during their off time to bring back the NBA in the safest possible way for the players and officials coming. 


This is where the NBA bubble came into play. The bubble is a $170 million investment the NBA made to finish the 2019-2020 season. The NBA thought of a lot of different areas before settling for Disney World. Twenty-two contending teams were invited to the bubble that were in six games for a playoff spot in both the Eastern and Western conferences. 


However, players and coaches alike were skeptical as they wanted to use their platform to promote the Black Lives Matter movement in support of the unarmed black people who have been killed or hurt by the police in the past months. The NBA granted players the right to wear messages on their backs and to paint Black Lives Matter on the court to bring awareness to the cause at hand.


When they created the bubble, the NBA wanted to get to the point of having no positive COVID-19 tests or to aggressively work to isolate potential cases. So far, they have done an amazing job with it. The players test every day and get the results back fairly quickly. They ask players if they have felt sick in the past 24 to 48 hours or have they noticed anyone who has seemed to be off in the recent days leading up to games. 


This system has been going on for three months now and has worked to perfection with the last four testing periods being negative for all players.