Story by Noel Martinez, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is going to be celebrated in the states this week but could this holiday cause a spike in cases around the country. Well the CDC is recommending not traveling and for families to keep the invite list only to residents of the household. They also are recommending that there be no potluck-style gatherings. So does this mean Thanksgiving is canceled? Well not necessarily because there are many creative and fun ways to celebrate thanksgiving and still not risk exposure like setting up a virtual thanksgiving. Another low risk activity the CDC recommends is preparing and making dishes for other family members and delivering them without contact.

Despite the pleas from the CDC people are still traveling. More than 1 million air travelers passed through security checkpoints Friday and Sunday and this has only happened once since the pandemic has begun, according to the Transportation Security Administration.  There have also been more than 3million total flyers this past weekend. New cases of COVID-19 in the US have skyrocketed, averaging more than 170,000 per day, the death count also soaring above 1500 a day. With thanksgiving traveling and gathering still happening there will definitely be more cases and deaths.

For those who do decide to gather with their family this thanksgiving the CDC recommends the following safety tips. Bringing your own food, drinks, plates, cups and utensils. Avoid areas where food is being prepared such as the kitchen. Use disposable food items such as containers, plates and utensils. 

For those of you who plan on flying this holiday season you here are some of the CDC recommendations. For you to obviously social distance and wear your mask. You also want to wash your hands frequently. They also recommend doing some research on your destination because the more cases the place you are traveling to has the more chance you have to contract the virus.