Capitol attack scary for African-Americans, LBGTQIA community

Story by April Dean, Staff Writer

As an African-American woman who is also a part of the LGBTQIA community, the events that took place on Wed. Jan. 6 were scary to watch. I watched in awe as the same people who call Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters terrorists act like the rioters they accuse us of being. Not only that, I saw the police do nothing but stand by. Meanwhile, less than a year ago, the National Guard lined up with riot gear for a peaceful BLM protest at the Capitol. 

The way newscasters called these terrorists “protesters”, yet last year called BLM activists just the opposite disgusted me. The way these people were pampered, and walked down the steps by police officers disgusted me. I can’t even imagine what the scene would look like if BLM protesters had done a fraction of the things those terrorists did. 

From putting their feet up on a Congresswoman’s desk, to carrying racist flags into the capital, even putting feces on the wall. And these are the people who call  BLM protesters animals. BLM protesters are fighting for civil rights, while these people stormed the Capitol because the man they worship didn’t win an election. 

During the midst of all this there were even reports of President Trump having a viewing party of the chaos. Not only that, when asked to give a speech telling them to go home, Trump said “Go home, We love you. You’re very special […] I know how you feel.” But in response to BLM protesters he said “When the looting starts the shooting starts,” which was posted to Twitter by Donald. It just goes to show how racist our President is. 

This country knows it needs a drastic change in behavior. But there are already so many problems, no one knows where to start. Hopefully when Joe Biden takes office, a change is going to come. God knows we need it urgently.