Varsity volleyball gains win against Independence at home

Lady Eagles win 3-0 against Independence high school on Tuesday.

Story by Hidaya Fatao, Staff Writer

The East Mecklenburg Lady Eagles varsity volleyball team demolished Independence in a 3-0 final score at home this past Tuesday.

The team began their fourth conference match comfortably, starting the first two sets with control and confidence, while simultaneously keeping a minimum six-point difference in the final score. The team won the first set 17-25 and followed up by winning their second set 19-25. The Independence team started the third set but were hampered by the girls through team effort and various moments where different players stepped up. The team won 22-25.

“Overall the match went well.” said Caroline Douglas, a volunteer coach for the team. “I think the captains Sofie Gerlach and Mya Sellers did really well leading the team and were very consistent in their plays, and that’s what helped the team do as well as they did.”

Last Tuesday after losing 3-0 against Butler, the girls took the experience as motivation during practice for the then-upcoming match against Independence.  

“The coach focused on little things during practice, like correctly setting up the nets, and staying low on defense, and I think that made a big difference in the match.” continued Douglas, as she explained how losing the match last week helped set up a precedent for their match on Tuesday.

The team practices two and a half hours every day, five days a week, and has since been working towards their next match this Thursday, a conference match against Charlotte Catholic.