Astrology, crystals rocking teen world


Photo courtesy of Canva

Story by Liza Pringle, Opinion Editor


Photo courtesy of Canva

  Crystals. Manifesting. Astrology. All of these things and the entire practice of spirituality have become popular among East Meck students this year, and have pretty much taken our teenage world by storm.

     Crystals are one of the more common aspects of practicing spirituality. For those who don’t know, crystals are gems that allow the flow of good energy, and help the human body release its negative energy. Crystals can benefit us both physically and emotionally. There are many different types of crystals that represent different healing properties.      

    One crystal that I personally like is rose quartz, which emits unconditional love, emotional support and compassion. Other commonly used crystals include amethyst, which represents peace and calming energy, and tiger’s eye which helps with anxiety and aids with harmony and balance. 

   While some people may argue that crystals are a scam or just some meaningless rocks, I personally disagree. The entire idea of spirituality, crystals, manifesting etc. is not supposed to be the idea of just holding a crystal, gaining magic powers and having all of your wishes come true. To me, these things are a way to aid in pursuing what you want in your life and to help encourage your personal success.

   For me personally, I keep a crystal on my car keys. Keeping it on my key chain  allows me to feel a sense of protection when I’m in the car. However, I don’t think that just because I have a crystal on my keys that it will magically save me from getting into an accident. Having a crystal in that spot promotes good energy and a sense of safety for me. 

   Another aspect commonly used for spiritual purposes is the practice of manifestation/affirmations. Manifesting is the practice of thinking and saying aspirational thoughts, with the intent of making them really happen. You can make manifestations and affirmations to yourself such as “I will have a good day today” or “I will be rich,” however, just because you say that, and manifest it doesn’t mean it will magically happen. 

   These thoughts and phrases can be used as a driving factor to receive what you’re asking for. I personally see manifesting as a form of motivation, rather than a way to miraculously get what you want. 

    The study of astrology is another popular aspect of spirituality. Astrology is the belief that the planets and stars have a major impact on humans. This system includes a focus on the 12 zodiac signs, with your birthdate determining what your sign is.  Horoscopes  are based on the zodiac signs, and have been popularized by daily readings that supposedly provide information about the alignment of the stars and planets will affect you  on that particular day.

    In my opinion, I do think that astrology and zodiac signs are real. My zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancers are the most emotional and loving sign, which I feel emulates my personality very well. I find the characteristics of the signs to be helpful in understanding who I am and what other are like. 

    As to daily horoscopes, some people are firm believers, but I find that that the ones you see online or in a newspaper are not accurate. However, there are professional individuals that give more accurate and in depth readings based on your birthdate. There are also professionals who give other types of spiritual advise through things such as reading palms or tarot cards. These are definitely more accurate and personal. 

   People often confuse astrology with astronomy, which is the scientific study of the stars and the universe. However, while scientists find it to be difficult to study, nearly a third of American adults believe in astrology and zodiac signs.

    Some people may argue that astrology and all of this new spirituality is made up, while others are firm believers in it. I guess it all depends on your sign!