4000 Building Traffic, Acknowledged

Story by Anthony Frederick, Staff Writer

Rampant complaints about the 4000 building are being heard in every corner of the school. Many students have spoken about being late to some of their classes due to the building being on the far end of campus.

However, it’s likely that the building’s distance alone isn’t the main contributing factor. 

Andrew Bartkowiak, a history teacher in room 619, confirmed that tardiness had been a problem early on, but didn’t think that the faculty could do much to address it.

“Actually, they’ve already kind of been proactive with it. They’ve walked it themselves to see how long it takes, so yeah, they’ve kinda already done that, taken it into consideration. I think traffic patterns in that building have kind of been the issue. But when that gets figured out it should run a little more smoothly,” said Bartkowiak.

He may have been right about the traffic flow. After noticing the struggle for students to get out of the 4000 building, the one-way entrance policy was adjusted so that students could enter through two of the building’s doors and use both sets of stairs. 

The one-way policy was originally implemented in fear of the larger student body making it difficult to navigate the stairways, but students and teachers agree that it only served to worsen the problem.

4000 building math teacher Rachel Servia said “Just be patient with us while we figure out the new floor plan and which way we’re going, but everybody has been very positive and kids have been very respectful and very patient on the stairs. So we just, in general, appreciate the students’ help in all this.”

The adjustment of the one-way policy seems to have helped the situation. Teachers on the farther end of campus have reported a decline in tardiness since its implementation. That said, some students are still struggling to get to class on time. But for now, we can only be patient as we wait for the administration to sort out a hopefully ideal traffic pattern.