East’s Soccer Team Beats Rocky River, 3-1

Story by Logan Parsons, Staff Writer

Through the first four games of the soccer season, East had a solid 2-1-1 record and was looking to get a big win in their first conference game of the year, this past Tuesday night, facing Rocky River that had beaten them 2-1 the previous year. 


East knew that this was a game they could win, and had to win if they wanted to make the playoffs later this season. Something that East hasn’t amounted to in four straight years. 


Cesar Velasco’s goal in the 34th minute put East up comfortably with six minutes to go in the first half and put some more confidence on the back of the starting 11. 


“The end of the first half was probably some of the most fluid soccer we’ve played all year”, said Wilber Aviles, the starting left back for East. 


In the second half, seniors Mark Wichman and Hardin Pharr scored goals as East won 3-1 to cap off their first conference game of the season. 


The next game will be on Monday, against Olympic high school.