Ten-Day Policy Sparks Controversy

Story by Maris McDonald, Staff Writer

Three doctor appointments, two early releases, four sick days and one dead grandma’s funeral. Congratulations, you just failed your class and have 900 minutes of makeup.

The ten-day rule is a policy that means if you fail to attend 10 days of a class, you owe ninety minutes to those teachers after school.

The policy was just recently brought back. Not only is it new to freshmen, it’s new to everyone. Additionally, many other schools are not as adamant about the policy as East Meck. 

CMS says that the ten-day rule only applies to unexcused absences, but it was made abundantly clear that excused or not, it still counts as one of your ten days. 

Freshman, Jacob McIntyre said “I actually didn’t know about that. It’s like you can work so hard to get good grades, but as soon as you miss ten days that work goes into the trash. That’s really harsh.”

With freshmen being introduced to campus and high school life, the new policy isn’t the only thing on their minds. Transitioning from class to class across campus within an eight-minute period is another challenge.

“We already have to deal with lockout,” said McIntyre. “The ten-day rule is just another thing that makes school harder than it should be.”