Scholarships, From Schroeder

Story by Dakota Currier, Staff Writer

With college just around the corner and application deadlines closing in, many students struggle to make ends meet financially and the stress of college will fog up their minds. 


However, counselor Michael Schroeder (last names So-Z), can help lift this weight.


For the past several months he has been emailing seniors about scholarship opportunities they can apply for. He updates a monthly bulletin, sends out frequent emails, and encourages students to engage more with scholarship opportunities.


The list of possible scholarships has a large range of types and amounts, starting as low as $250, and going up to $10,000, with both local and national based scholarships. 


However, Schroeder recognizes scholarships aren’t always the best option for covering college costs.


“Keep in mind scholarships are only one form of financial aid,” said Schroeder.


He suggests grants, loans, and work study programs as alternatives to scholarships or in addition to scholarships, but most of all he recommends institutional scholarships. 


Schroeder recommends that students research these scholarships that are offered by the colleges they plan on applying to, and that everyone can apply for them. 


They work on a grade system.


“There are different levels too, you don’t have to have a 4.0 [GPA] to get an institutional grant,” Said Schroeder.


These scholarships/grants are open to all GPA scores, but the higher the GPA the more money you will receive, and the lower the GPA the less money you will receive.


Besides what Schroeder offers on scholarships students should research on their own for scholarship opportunities. 


“It boils down to putting the time into doing the research,” said Schroeder.


If students don’t look for these opportunities on their own, they might miss out on important scholarships and grants they are eligible to receive. 


“Students and families should never ever pay for a scholarship search service,” said Schroeder. All the information you need can be found online for free if you email him. 


Applying for scholarships is a free, easy process for students and parents, so use the resources available to you, and prevent the stress of school and scholarships all at once. Talk to Mr. Schroeder, check the monthly bulletin, check out the student services website, and do research on your own. Students can cut the cost of college if they follow these recommendations from Mr. Schroeder.