Campus Clean Up, and Mural Project Need You


Story by Anthony Frederick, Staff Writer

The nibbling chill of the air, the soothing rays of the early morning sun, a plethora of passionate students, and doughnuts. 


All of these things came together at East Meck’s campus cleanup. Tasks ranged from picking up trash to climbing trees and repainting curbs. No matter what students had to do, they did it with a smile. 


Student congress advisor, Robin Cluse thinks this was a great first cleanup and is looking forward to the next one.


“I think the place looks great. And I think kids had a really good time interacting with each other in a non academic way,” said Cluse.


Campus cleanup also saw the 600 building mural that was announced last year start production. The design for the mural has finished and a layer of primer is now covering the walls where the mural will be painted. 


May Winiarski, an art teacher at East as well as a leading figure in the mural’s production, commented on the progress made.


“It was so great that we had so many people helping and they did a really good job,” Winiarski said.


The grant that’s funding the mural requires it be completed by winter break. Any and all volunteers are welcome to come help with this project. Announcements will be put out about specific meeting times, but Winiarski is also open to answer questions in room 202.


The next campus clean up will take place in the spring, where students will plant flowers and clear out leaves.