Tate Won’t Help You Find a Girlfriend

Tate Won’t Help You Find a Girlfriend

Story by Hidaya Fatao, Managing Editor

Imagine winning the lottery. Similar to gambling, the opportunity is what draws you in. So, when young men stumble into the Manosphere, can we blame the circumstances that led them down this toxic path?


Figures like Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson and Kevin Samuels have taken the internet by storm, providing ‘advice’ in calculated fashion, gaining a following through misogynistic hot takes on podcasts, YouTube videos and even seminars. These Manosphere spearheads push the idea that young men must “reclaim their perceived power” and “stop the crisis of masculinity” by doing exactly what they preach in their speeches: become a man. 


One East Meck student, who preferred not being named, talked about his experience within the Manosphere and attraction to the Manosphere figure, Andrew Tate. 


“I believe that men should be allowed to be men,” the student said. “Nowadays, we’re expected to let others take charge and take a backseat, and I don’t know what’s wrong with being against that. Andrew Tate gets this more than anyone.”


It doesn’t sound too bad, right? Although this specific assertion isn’t exactly harmful, the issue arises when the platform claims there are no exceptions to this rule. The goal of the Manosphere is to “reclaim what it means to be a man” by preaching the harmful, traditional stereotypes regarding life as a man or woman. 


Figures like Andrew Tate assert that by following his rules and advice, you too could have a Bugatti of your own. You can become that alpha you’ve always dreamed of being, with unlimited access to partners, vast wealth and high confidence. The ultimate man. If you’re being promised this, why not hear what he has to say?


Yet this perception of gender is fundamentally wrong. Gender identity should not be seen as a source of existential security to begin with. Its not surprising that many of these spearheads are homophobic incels considering their disregard to the plenty exceptions to this binary of femininity and masculinity. Like transgender people, masculine women, and feminine men. These are men and women who don’t fit into the social or intrapersonal binary that Manosphere spearheads claim are essential for having an identity, yet they’re alive and well.


Along with being manly, the Manosphere focuses heavily on the second largest male issue: finding a partner. In these spaces, a core aspect of being a man is having a hot girlfriend. Actually, the more girls the better. The advice being given is the type young men seek, as the person giving advice is a hyper masculine man who, more often than not, flaunts his wealth and many partners.


“That’s how I first saw him,” the student said. “A video of him came up on my For You page, and what he said about women and relationships made a lot of sense. I kind of became a fan. His relationship advice gives direction to a lot of people, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”


For a lot of people, the Manosphere isn’t a ‘bad thing’ at first glance. There’s a neurodivergent Manosphere, and a black Manosphere, spaces that give the young men figures to look up to and learn from. It has potential to give a voice to the insecurities teenagers feel, and communities to share experiences with. 


Yet, it is a bad thing. The Manosphere takes the positive potential of the platform and replaces it with negativity. The blame is taken off the smelly male teenager and his racist best friend and placed on their female classmates for not finding them attractive. Since they wouldn’t dare to date anyone who isn’t as attractive as Vinnie Hacker. 


Instead of focusing and exploring male insecurities and preaching security, self-expression and confidence, the Manosphere makes women the perpetrators for young men’s lonely, boring, life. It breeds incel culture and forces teenagers to spiral down a rabbit hole of misogyny and delusion. 


Ultimately leading to something much worse than a few angry posts on Instagram on how unhappy they are that Sally rejected them for the tenth time that week.