Trunk or Treat

Story by Anthony Frederick, Staff Writer

Halloween gives people the chance to really flex their creative muscles. If you’re looking for a place that puts this creativity on full display, then look no further than Trunk or Treat.

Trunk or Treat was the first event of its kind. Clubs were invited to decorate the trunk of a car and dress up to pass out candy to eager kids. Student congress advisor, Robin Cluse estimates that about 25 kids showed up for the event, but hopes that next year student congress will be able to get the word out better.

“For our first year, I would say it went really well. We had a great club turnout and I think if we do it again next year we can probably promote it more to our elementary schools and have a few more kids out,” Cluse said. “The real purpose was to get our clubs having fun and talking to each other. So I think we served our purpose.”

Trunk or Treat also had a competition to see which club had the best decorated trunk judged by student congress. In the end, GSA was declared the winner and will be awarded a pizza party for their creative efforts.

“We wanted to stick with the nature of our club, so we bought all the rainbow decorations we could find. To keep on theme with Halloween we also got some spiders and made some of the balloons into aliens,” said GSA club president Day Sturdahl. “It was great to see so many people come out to enjoy Trunk or Treat. We had a great time and I look forward to more events like this!”