Wisteria Magazine


Story by Michael Messele, Editor-In-Cheif

   Bold colors and bright fonts fill the pages of this completely teen-run magazine. Its mystical name ‘Wisteria’ accurately depicting the alluring photography and valorous writing, working as a self published, non-commercial print work produced in a series of collections. 

Senior Maeve Merrick has been a member of the Wisteria team ever since 2020. Merrick has a multitude of roles within Wisteria, “I research and write articles for the website and print zines, submit art and format pages for zines, help make t-shirts and really anything else I can help with,” Merrick said.

One of Merricks roles that she truly enjoys is writing stories.  Merrick has a passion for writing and enjoys sharing her opinions on trending topics, such as the rise of film photography and controversies regarding the education system. “ One of the best parts of being a writer is being able to coherently express my thoughts on a subject I’m passionate about. I’m super grateful to Wisteria for giving me that platform,” Merrick said. 

Throughout her time on the team of Wisteria, Merrick has witnessed the impact that the Magazine has had on the people around her. “Wisteria’s impact on the Charlotte community can really be seen through the support that the magazine has gained. After the production of our first mini zine, I got up in front of my class and asked if anyone would like a copy, as it featured mine and another classmate’s artwork. Marreick said. I sold three copies that day. Wisteria allows people in the Charlotte community to share their stories and artworks with their peers and people all over the world”.

Wisteria’s message of uplifting people and those who are marginalized is the driving push for the magazine. “By allowing people’s voices and art to speak for themselves and giving them a platform, Wisteria produces authentic and unique viewpoints and stories that otherwise would have gone unrecognized,” Merrick said.