Pizzeria opening across the street

Story by Anthony Patterson, Staff Writer

East Mecklenburg students will have a new place to get a bite to eat this coming fall.

Hawthorne’s Pizza which currently anchors seven different locations across Charlotte, will add their eighth at Meridian Place across the street from the school. This franchise will be a 4,800 square foot restaurant.

Hawthorne’s Pizza has an extended menu designed to give the customer an authentic Italian taste. Hawthorne’s menu includes authentic Italian cuisine such as stromboli, pasta, New York style pizza and plenty other meals.

Hawthorne’s Pizza will be a large building block to the developing Meridian Place. Meridian Place replaces the old Silver Oaks apartments that were demolished in 2014. Meridian Place is a 20 acre space that will help rejuvenate Monroe Road with 260 new apartments and retail space for the public.