Yu, finalist at NC State Confucius institute

Story by Anthony Patterson, Staff Writer

East Meck student Hnin Yu placed last week as a finalist at the 2016 N.C. Chinese Language Contest.

The contest, held at North Carolina State University, was for students learning Chinese.

Chinese teacher Aprill Yakubu sent 17 student entries for possible chance at the event in Raleigh. The entries consisted of  translating a passage and recording the students reciting a passage.

Yu, a junior in Yakubu’s fourth block was the only who classified for the competition. Yu finished as a finalist in her respective competition which came along with an award for her individually and an Excellence Award for the school.

“It shows students are learning at a level were they can compete against other Chinese programs in the state,” Yakubu said.

This is the first year East Meck has entered this highly competitive contest.

“It shows that we are one of the best Chinese programs in the state,” Yakubu said.