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Reverse Homecoming Spirit Week

Reverse homecoming, also known as "CoHo" is coming up, and with that comes another spirit week! Here's what you need to know. Monday 1/23: Athlete vs Mathlete day! (Reverse homecoming dance at 8:00 pm) Tuesday 1/24: Testing make-up, ...  Read More »

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Reverse homecoming nominees

Freshman Prince Greyson Smith Lawrence Campbell Sophomore Prince Del Barnhill Chris Ortega Junior Prince Jaylen Gaddy Shiron DeVore Homecoming King Nominees Matthias Poku-Kankam Myran Foster Mari...  Read More »

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East Meck wins $1,500 from student hunger drive. 

Story by Kate Carroll, Staff Writer

East Meck flew in strong at the Carolinas student hunger drive this year, winning runner up in food collection for division two schools with a $1,000 prize. East also won an extra $500 for most creative fundraising event...  Read More »

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49th annual Jim Hayes Wrestling tournament prepares Eagle’s Wrestling Team

Story by Miracle Okoro, Senior Staff Writer

Saturday Dec. 3 marked the 49th annual Jim Hayes wrestling tournament-the longest lasting tournament in North Carolina. Wrestling teams from all over the city of Charlotte attended the tournament, to show off their tale...  Read More »

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Humans of East: Paul Martinez

Story by Bonnie Zhang, Staff Writer

BAKING & SMITE I like the creation of baking, it’s very soothing. Once you’re done with the process, everything is soft and luscious. I’m a fan of whisking because it’s easy and it textures...  Read More »

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What students need to know about voting

What students need to know about voting

November 3, 2016

Marching Eagles takes third place overall in competition

October 11, 2016

October 7, 2016

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The student news site of East Mecklenburg High School
The student news site of East Mecklenburg High School