The Active Eagle: Meal Prep

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Story by Kate Carroll, Online Editor-in-Chief

I’m gonna be honest- I don’t always have the time to exercise. Right now, I’m in the school musical and don’t get home from rehearsals until seven at night. When I don’t have the time to get in any exercise, my body usually reacts and I feel fatigued, sluggish and not as happy with myself. In order to balance out this lack of exercise, I have been making sure to eat whole foods that give me energy and make me feel good.

The way that I make sure that I am keeping up my healthy eating habits is through making my meals in advance. It means that I have to spend a good chunk of time making food on Sundays, but it’s worth it when I have my lunches packed and breakfasts ready for the rest of the week.

Next week, I will post what I make for the week and a few of my other favorite recipes.