Charlotte hurricanes, from past to present

Looking back on the record-breaking hurricanes from Charlotte’s history.

Story by Hart Walker, Staff Writer

Recently there has been heavy news and media posts concerning Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Florence was a category 4 hurricane that made downfall in North Carolina from the Atlantic Ocean. It made landfall in southeast NC late Thursday, September 12th. Many people were worried that it would become one of the worst hurricanes the state has ever seen.

NC has seen its fair share of hurricanes over the years, from Hurricane Hazel in 1954, to the more recent Hurricane Hugo in 1989. This hurricane doesn’t even come close to the damage caused by previous hurricanes. Florence was a category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind scale, and it was predicted that it could’ve reached category 5 before it dissipated.

Hugo is almost undoubtedly the worst hurricane to hit NC. Hugo was a category 5 hurricane, producing wind gusts of upwards of 200 mph, an insane amount of property damage and 3 fatalities.

With Florence, Charlotte was expected to get 10 inches of rain, with wind reaching up to 75 mph. However, as you probably noticed it ended up being nowhere near as powerful as we expected. Making landfall near Wrightsville Beach, NC, at 7:15 am Florence slowed down from a category 4 storm to no more than a tropical storm. Despite this drop in category, Charlotte still received upwards of 10 inches of rain, and wind gusts of around 35mph.

While Florence may not be the most severe storm we have seen, it was not something to be taken lightly.

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