Plans revealed for new classroom building

Story by Andy Fialko, Staff Writer

Construction plans were released recently for East Meck’s newest building, to be built
on part of the bus parking lot.

The three-story building is expected to be completed for the beginning of the 2018-19
school year, and will be home to the culinary department, as well as JROTC and two CTE
classrooms. It will contain more than two dozen classrooms, as well as a specialized classroom
for culinary classes.

With the addition of a new building to East Meck’s campus will also come the exit of a
few others. The JROTC house, which has been part of East Meck for two decades, has already
been torn down, and the trailers by both the softball field and the tennis courts will be removed
in an effort to put more classes into buildings.

The building will be built between the tennis courts and the bus parking lot, with much of
the lot to be removed in order to make room for the new building. The building’s front door will
face Monroe Road and the new bus lot, which will be condensed into two rows of parking

The building will be built on a lower level than those nearby, and two outdoor stairwells
will lead from the main building to the new one. A courtyard on the south side of the building
will provide an area for students to gather before and after school.

Now that the building plans are finally complete, all that is left is the construction, which
CMS optimistically hopes to be done by January 2018 but is not expecting to be totally ready until the summer fo 2018.