Wrestling Team Rising up to victory

Story by Miracle Okoro, Senior Staff writer

The wrestling team is heading for the top, as they win match after match defying their opposition and keeping their eyes set on victory. The team has been through a series of tournaments, and have only improved with each obstacle they have faced. On Saturday January 28 the team was just one match short of placing third in the conference tournament.

This past weekend, February 11-12 the victory bells finally rang for wrestler Nukwan fair, a sophomore. Fair placed first in the 132 weight class, during the Conference championships, and third in the 4A Regional Tournament, making him one of the top 16 wrestlers in his weight class.

Wrestling coach Eric Sciutto is very proud of Fair. ” His accomplishment is among the first for our school in seven years,” he said. “Off the mat Nukwan carries a 3.5 GPA and carries a unique quiet humble demeanor, however once he steps on the mat and the whistle blows its amazing how such a nice innocent kid can become an animal.”