Eagles win Reverse Homecoming game

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

Friday night’s homecoming game will definitely be labeled as memorable. With a score of 66 to 46, the boys varsity basketball team dominated Garinger High.

Although it wasn’t clear if the Eagles would win at the start of first quarter, it is undeniable that the team is dedicated to overcoming obstacles. Garinger had a three point lead but after a shot block from Demetrius Martin the game shifted in East Meck’s favor.

With 38 rebounds, 13 assists, and 21 steals it is clear that the basketball team is well versed in making dramatic comebacks. It was also clear that the team has an unbreakable bond.

At the sound of the halftime buzzer, numerous East Meck players and students sat eager in the crowd awaiting the announcement of their 2019 Reverse Homecoming King. There were nine nominees for the crown.

In order to win, the nominees were asked to raise money for a program called Mentoring Mwiko. This program is dedicated to funding a Rwandan girls’ education for three years. This year the participants raised over $1,000. Half of which came from one special nominee.

Daniel Harris, also known as Danny Danz raised approximately $570 to win East Meck’s 2019 Reverse Homecoming King. After being crowned, he strutted down the red carpet alongside his mother to proudly face the roaring crowd of peers and teammates.

Harris is an active member of East Meck’s community. He’s been on East Meck’s Varsity Basketball team for three years, does the daily announcements and participates in school plays. He plans on attending an university in the fall and majoring in film studies in hopes of becoming an actor, screenwriter or director.

“I am super proud of him. Daniel works very hard at everything he does and he was 1000 percent invested in this, not only to win but to actually make a difference for a child in Rwanda. I expected nothing less” senior Micah Winchester said.