Joker review: A slow descent into madness

Story by CaRon Lofton, Staff Writer

A film covered in controversy before the film ever came out, Joker (2019) follows Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian whose life is going in a downfall. Fleck is sent into madness thus becoming the clown prince of crime we know and love the Joker. Before it hit the box office Joker raised concerns for the potential “violent acts” it may cause. This has not affected the film whatsoever as so far it has grossed over 280 million dollars in the box office. Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) turns in an incredible Oscar-worthy performance as he really shows how living with a mental illness could really be. Phoenix’s performance makes you feel sympathy for the Joker even if he’s supposed to be a crazy, murderous villain. Even though we have seen many different takes of the Joker Phoenix’s is definitely one that will stick out forever. This movie isn’t a beat ’em up comic book movie it’s more of a character study of a man consumed by madness.

The Joker is an incredibly well-shot movie, the cinematography is very gorgeous and the color palette is also great. The film also has a feel similar to films from Martin Scorsese like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas which makes the film not really an original idea. That is really the only complaint you can have for this movie as it is almost flawless. Joker is a movie that makes you think to wonder what role do people have in creating a monster and who’s at fault for that.

Overall Joker is a masterclass in cinema and a great one and done standalone film.