Big Mouth season 3 review: Humor at it’s raunchiest

Story by Jacob Phillips, Online Editor

Everyone’s favorite giant hairy hormone-driven monster Maury is back and he’s back with a bang. Big Mouth season three launched on Netflix Oct. 4. The season picked right up where the Valentine’s Day special left off. Andrew’s life seems as if everything is falling apart after his major meltdown causing him to lose half his hair, and Nick is still adjusting to his new Hormone Monstress and puberty. 

This season sees our characters face all-new challenges in life that many teens in both middle and high school would face. Topics such as cell phone addiction, sexual orientation, and the #metoo movement are all covered in the season.

Season three is still full of the raunchy humor many love the show for, even if it does make more than its fair share of incest jokes. There are times where the humor doesn’t stick and certain episodes just feel like filler to fit the seasons 10 episode requirement, such as the Duke Ellington episode. Besides that Big Mouth season three reminds us what it’s like to be a growing teen in 2019 and will leave audiences satisfied and laughing the entire time.