The Eagle

NC Education Lottery not for learning

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

May 23, 2019

For years, people have entered the North Carolina lottery not only to win but also to donate money towards a good cause: education. In most other states, there’s a clear idea of where the funds are going. For example, in...

New Starbucks set to open

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

May 9, 2019

The community alongside Monroe Road is continuing to thrive as new businesses like Sprint, Hawthorne’s Pizza, and Wingstop create a home in the shopping center across from East Meck. They draw an influx of high school customers...

Student Services works to tackle poor Mental Health

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

April 23, 2019

Student services has recently decided to rally around mental health. Staff members a part of Communities in Schools and Dream Team are working to put on events that provide outlets to students struggling with their mental health....

Controversial Video of East Meck Student sparks thought-provoking discussion

Story by Trekahry Gadson, Staff Writer

March 29, 2019

A couple of weeks ago a video of an East Meck student saying the N-word was spread around the internet. His usage of the N-word not only caused a stir in school but a stir in people’s heart. From my own perspective, the N-word...

Connolly’s Crafts: School Librarian leaves her mark in Charlotte

Story by Stephanie Suster, Opinion Editor

March 28, 2019

On a frigid Saturday morning, East Meck Media Specialist Marie Connolly secured a crocheted scarf around a tree in uptown Charlotte. She continued walking around with her friends as they wrapped more scarves around statues, benches...

Sadie Hawkins Dance Proposals

Story by Anaya Truss-Williams, Online Managing Editor

February 17, 2019

Eagles win Reverse Homecoming game

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

February 3, 2019

Friday night’s homecoming game will definitely be labeled as memorable. With a score of 66 to 46, the boys varsity basketball team dominated Garinger High. Although it wasn’t clear if the Eagles would win at the start...

The Edible Schoolyard Project shows promise at Garinger High and other schools

Story by Ashleigh Fields, Online Editor-In-Chief

January 31, 2019

In an urban area filled with soot and pollution it is often times hard to find an area with healthy air and healthy food, even more so for public school students. However, The Edible Schoolyard Project is working to change this....