Students now serve lunch detention under new lockout policy

Story by Hayley Ochoa, Staff Writer

East Meck’s lockout policies have been stagnant for years. However, now in 2021, it’s experiencing a sudden shift.

 “This year students will serve lockout in the cafeteria,” said Kathryn Bauer, dean of students at East Meck. According to the new lockout policy instead of giving up class time, students will be forced to serve lockout during their lunch periods.

Bauer feels that it is a good change.

“I feel like this new policy is actually better. Instead, kids don’t miss class,” Bauer said. “Kids staying in class is more important than ever since last year many were fully remote.”

With a population of more than 2,075 students, a functioning disciplinary system is a must. But some wonder if it will be a better deterrent for people being late to class.

So far it is working, Bauer said, but the key factor is that students are remaining in class.  

“The amount of people getting lockout is relatively the same,” Bauer said.