Creating a Future With Music


Story by Hayley Ochoa, Internet Editor-In-Chief

East Mecklenburg sophomore, Ali Fernandes is making a name for himself as a budding musician, using his Hispanic heritage and love for music to represent his exceptional skills, and Christian devotion. 

Despite his age, Fernandez has managed to write, compose, record, edit, and manage multiple albums. The latest, “Sin Ti,” was remastered in 2023. His many albums are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, garnering positive feedback from fans. 

“My favorite song would be, “Better,” but all my music is equally important to me,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez developed and found his passion surrounded by Hispanic music, following in his father’s footsteps, he incorporated his Hispanic heritage into his music, infusing American pop and R&B, Latin pop, and a mariachi rhythm. 

“I chose to write some songs in Spanish so my family could enjoy it as much as English speakers do,” said Fernandez. 

However, Fernandez’s music is not solely dedicated to his Hispanic heritage. He also writes about love, loss, and his Christian values.  

“I feel like I’m really connected to god, you know, so I sing love songs to him,” Fernandez said, “but I also make casual love songs.” 

For Fernandez, connecting with his fans is extremely important. He hopes to use his passion for music to make a lasting positive impact on anyone willing to give him the chance and listen. 

Fernandez remains dedicated to his work, setting up a home studio and spending months recording each song. He seeks inspiration in popular Latin artists such as Luis Miguel and Uriel Vega, practicing his vocals almost daily and constantly seeking new ways to grow as an artist.

“I play piano, bass, guitar and drums in most songs, some include keyboard,” said Fernandez. 

Fernandez’s biggest supporters are East’s Hispanic population, who can resonate with his deeply personal music. Although Fernandez still aims to gain a wider and more diverse audience.

“I admire his initiative to write music and praise Jesus Christ,” said Carolina Trinidad-Rodriguez, an East senior. 

As Fernandez grows in age and in his career, he hopes to inspire other young Hispanic artists and provide support and connection to those who continue to support and listen to him.