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New Hawthorne’s Pizza location is a hit

The outside of the new Hawthorne's Pizza location.

The outside of the new Hawthorne's Pizza location.

The outside of the new Hawthorne's Pizza location.

Story by Cole Johnson, Staff Writer

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 I know it might sound cheesy but as a teen, one of my favorite things to do is eat pizza. When Hawthorne’s opened across the street, I just had to try it.

  We sat down taking in the everything around us. The classic rock in the background set the mood and we found the smell of pizza was just tantalizing. Looking at the menu for the first time, it was hard to choose what to order. Hawthorne’s has a wide selection of specialty pizzas, pastas, salads, calzones, strombolis and heroes (subs).

  We didn’t have to wait long for the appetizers. We started off with the garlic cheese bread and jumbo wings. The garlic cheese bread had a hard crust but a soft cheesy center,6 and the garlic added a mild taste. For the wings there are a couple of different sauces you can choose from: the Caribbean Style, Long Island Style, Spicy Chicken or Carlo’s sweet wings. We chose the spicy wings which added a kick of flavor.

 Pizza is offered at two slices for $7 during lunch on weekdays. Otherwise, a nine-inch pizza is $9.95 and an eighteen-inch pizza is around $22.95. You have the choice of making your own pizza or choosing from 17 specialty pizzas. My personal favorite was the “meat eater’s pie” with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon and mozzarella cheese. Overall, the pizza was not too greasy and I could taste every topping.

 The food was pleasant and fulfilling. The only drawback was looking at the bill. Overall, I ordered two appetizers (garlic cheese bread and spicy chicken wings), an eighteen-inch pizza and a calzone. It added up to $55, which, for someone who only has a part-time job, makes a real dent in your wallet. If you are looking for a cheap sit-down meal, I would suggest a different restaurant.

  One perk of a big bill is that the food is usually worth it. And with Hawthorne’s I would say it is worth the price. The service was quick, the food was served hot and most importantly, I left there with a full stomach. I’ll definitely be eating there again.


Address- look across the street or (6512 Old Post Rd – Ste 101 Charlotte, NC 28212)

Phone number- 980.474.1797




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