Hurricane Dorian sends gusts Charlotte’s way

Story by Jack Hamby, Staff Writer

Hurricane Dorian calmed from a Category 2 to a Category 1 this past week as it passed the North Carolina coast, threatening the beaches greatly but leaving Charlotte with warm, humid winds.

Dorian took shape on Aug. 24 as a tropical depression, striking the Bahamas as a Category 5 and calming to a Category 3 as it swept past Florida. Dorian held Category 1 status, making brief contact with the North Carolina coast on Sept. 6.

Walking on campus or commuting home as Dorian passed the coast, cloud cover was light but gusts were felt. The high temperature dipped from the previous 90s to 85 degrees on Thursday, rising back to 93 degrees moving into Friday.

Charlotte roads remained without flooding going into the late days of the week, with forecasts only predicting a 30% chance of precipitation on the evening of Friday, Sept. 6.